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Jeff Daniels understands your skepticism 


You probably have a certain amount of skepticism about actors who are also musicians. Perhaps you still have unpleasant memories of the Bacon Brothers, or that thing that Russell Crowe did.

"I completely get it," says Jeff Daniels, a TV and movie actor (the upcoming "Dumb and Dumber To," HBO’s "The Newsroom," for which he won an Emmy) who has been writing and performing music for more than three decades.

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Mary McDonnell profile in Closer Magazine, June 16th issue

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Mary interview :) Eddie is her favourite leading man! (She really didn’t have to tell us that. its obvi!)


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Tom is asked if he is the reincarnation of actor Errol Flynn and receives quite a nice compliment from Benedict.

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There are many reasons why I love Benedict’s latest interview 


But this…

Oh, this…This is too adorable…

I hereby proclaim myself a cumberbabe for life.

You heard the man.

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Beware of Chairs: Martin Freeman being an adorable fanboy 


Are you more interested in something that’s rare and difficult to find on vinyl, or only with what sounds good?

I mostly want what sounds good. But of course, it’s doubly, triply nice if you find something that’s rare that you really, really want. That’s the ultimate joy for me. There’s a record called “To Know You Is To Love You,” which Syreeta recorded with Stevie Wonder back in the early ’70s. I owned a copy of it on one of those old Motown hits compilations, but I really wanted it on a 7-inch. About ten years ago, I was up in Yorkshire working at a theater, and I went to a local record shop. They had it on 7-inch for two pounds fifty! I was like, “Fuuucking hell!” I was literally emitting high-pitched squeaks as I was leaving the shop, just out of excitement. I was almost crying. An original Syreeta 7-inch and it’s only two pound fifty? It’s not like it’s a super rare record, but I’d been looking for that 7-inch for quite some time.

Hasn’t anybody ever told you about eBay?

(Laughs.) Yeah, I know. But I can’t get my head around eBay. A friend of mine uses it all the time and he swears by it. He buys stuff mainly from America, because he’s a fucking soul-and-blues-and-jazz head. Every day, he gets these lovely little packages delivered to him through the post, and he’s found some incredible records for just eight quid or something. I prefer to spend all my time in record shops. And when you eventually find what you want, it’s a joy. It’s an absolute joy.

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Beware of Chairs: MF: …When I was 18, I probably would’ve thought that Van Morrison was... 


MF: …When I was 18, I probably would’ve thought that Van Morrison was fucking awful. You need to be ready to hear a record. I know Leonard Cohen isn’t shit, but it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s subjective, and that’s what’s so beautiful about music. It doesn’t matter what you know or what you think you know, there’s always going to be somebody who listens to a song you love and says, “That’s shit.” And what can you say? You can’t say anything! I can’t talk to somebody who loves Bono and convince them that he’s a prick. They think he’s great. Good for them. That’s brilliant. It’s not my business to fucking tell them any differently. When people try to bully me or tell me that my favorite artists are crap, I’m just like, “Leave me the fuck alone. Let me like that fucking record. How is it hurting you?” Some of my best friends love records that I hate, and I’m sure I like records that they hate. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like them.

They just can’t bring their records to your house.

MF: (Laughs.) That’s right. They’re welcome to come over any time. But those fucking records are not allowed in my fucking house.

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Round Peg - Square Hole: Transcription of Benedict's Bullseye interview with Jesse Thorn 


Should anyone be interested, this is a transcription of Benedict’s interview where he talks, among other things,about his abduction in South Africa in 2004. I apologise if there are any mistakes (try and keep up with his waffling!!!)

It’s Bull’s Eye I’m Jesse Thorn.
The Guinness Book of…

@luvagoo @laurenmparko more on the carjacking story-amazing read.

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She’s so lovely. Can she adopt me? 

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Holmes at last [Interview] 


Benedict about sex appeal, CBS’ ‘Elementary’ and current projects. 

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@luvagoo @laurenmparko @feravertos. I think I love him more. How is this possible?

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"How often is Sherlock Holmes played by someone with an even stupider name?"

- Steven Moffat about Benedict Cumberbatch’s name (via iampangea)

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fiction for life.: New Zap2it interview with Benedict 


‘Star Trek 2’: ‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch dyes hair, loves J.J. Abrams

“I’m getting my hair dyed at the moment, at work,” British actor Benedict Cumberbatch tellsZap2it, calling in from the set of “Star Trek 2,” the second installment in director J.J….

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Clearly someone hasn’t been reading enough fan fiction. 

Cock, throbbing cock, engorged cock, cockius errectius, quivering member cock…

Clearly someone hasn’t been reading enough fan fiction. 

Cock, throbbing cock, engorged cock, cockius errectius, quivering member cock…


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